23 Feb 2024

Quiport celebrates the 50 million passenger milestone at Quito airport.

Today, with a special event, the 50 million passenger at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport was celebrated. The airport began its operations in the new location on February 20th, 2013.

According to estimates and statistics, within the group of passengers on the flights waiting in the international pre-boarding hall A11, the lucky one was found. Since it is impossible to determine exactly who the 50 million passenger is (hundreds of passengers enter and leave the airport simultaneously), Quiport decided to celebrate with all the passengers in the holdroomand reward them.

The celebration began with music, bugles and confetti. Curious passengers smiled at this unusual activity. As part of the surprise, the seats in that holdroom were strategically selected to hide various gifts. Passengers were invited to check under their seats, where they discoveredshopping orders to redeem at a variety of stores and services within the terminal. “I won!” was the phrase that could be heard in different parts of the place, and with laughs and surprise gestures, the winners anxiously headed to the different commercial premises.

This initiative, led by the concessionaire Quiport, provided an unforgettable experience to passengers, creating a special moment that added a unique touch to their trip.

In this regard, Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Quiport, mentioned: “We congratulate the 50 million passenger and thank all the travelers who have contributed to making Quito airport a reference point in the industry. We hope to continue sharing more milestones and successes in the future. Thank you to everyone who trusts in our airport and has consolidated it as the main entry and exit door of Ecuador!”

Currently, 17 airlines operate at Quito airport, connecting to 18 international and 8 national destinations. An average of 15,000 passengers per day and 5.4 million passengers per year are transported through the airport.

On several occasions, Mariscal Sucre has been recognized by important national and international organizations as a 5-star Airport, Best Regional Airport in South America, Best Airport Staff in South America and Airport with the most dedicated staff, Cleanest Airport in South America, Airport with the easiest trip, most pleasant airport, among others.

22 Feb 2024

Quiport shares good sustainable practices in the Responsible Tourism Forum

On Thursday, February 22nd, Ramón Miró, President and CEO of Quiport, participated as a panelist in the 1st Responsible Tourism Forum, organized by the British Ecuadorian Chamber (BRITCHAM UIO) in Qutio. The event brought together national and international experts in the tourism sector to address crucial issues about the sustainable development of the sector.

Quiport was part of the “Good Practices and Challenges Panel in the tourism sector to boost sustainable development”. In this space, Ramón Miró shared the stage with prominent leaders of the sector such as Paulina Burbano de Lara, CEO of Metropolitan Touring, and Mónica Fistrovic, CEO of Latam Airlines Ecuador. These three key tourism actors in the country shared their experiences, strategies, projects and initiatives aimed at promoting responsible and sustainable practices in tourism, benefiting both local communities and the environment.

During his speech, Ramón Miró highlighted the areas in which Quiport works in favor of sustainability, such as carbon neutrality, waste management and recycling, air quality, energy consumption, reforestation and conservation of wildlife. In addition, he highlighted the company’s social commitment in aspects such as the empowerment of collaborators and social responsibility programs.

He placed special emphasis on the triple impact, social, environmental and good governance, which are part of the fundamental pillars of Quiport that do not give up. “We are one of the few carbon-neutral airports. We obtained it in 2019, in 2020 the pandemic arrived and until now we continue uninterruptedly with this certification, despite the circumstances we experienced due to the health emergency, we do not sacrifice that aspect because it is important for us.”

Regarding work team, Ramón Miró thanked the staff for being committed to the good performance of the airport and the sustainability that is everyone’s responsibility, adding: “We understand, we contribute and we are part of the solutions that we must find, and that happens not only at the level of Quiport, but also at the airport community, the communities surrounding the airport and the government. He concluded by commenting: “Working on sustainability must be a priority. We must surround ourselves with people with moral principles who push us to be better. Our airport has accomplished great things and moved forward because it is surrounded by good partners and great people.”

According to the BRITCHAM UIO, this event was supported by The Latin American Travel Association (LATA), based in London, whose mission is to promote Latin America as an attractive tourist destination and stimulate the growth of travel to the region, as well as the strengthening and collaboration between tourism companies from Ecuador and the United Kingdom, highlighting the Ecuadorian offer of sustainable tourism.

14 Feb 2024

2024 Valentine’s season ends with a record thanks to the growth of exports

• With 26,466 tons, a growth of 17.3% was registered compared to 2023 Valentine’s Day, the highest since 2013.

• With 1,942 tons of cargo exported, Friday, February 2nd, was the day of the season with the highest volume. 

• The expansion of the export cargo terminal was key to enhancing operational efficiency.

2024 Valentine’s flower export season ended with very positive numbers at Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport, with a total of 26,466 metric tons of flowers sent to the world, reaching a record in the airport’s 11 years of operation.This figure corresponds to a growth of 17.3% compared to the tonnage exported in 2023, which was 22,568 metric tons.

At the Quito airport, the season began on January 18 and extended until February 9. During this season, 16 airlines operated at the Quito airport cargo with a total of 487 outbound cargo flights, a number that also constitutes a historical record for the Valentine’s season.

The peak day of exports, that is, the day in which the most freighter operations and the highest volume of flowers were registered, was Friday, February 2nd, with 1,942 metric tons sent through 31 flights, also being the day with the highest volume of exports in the entire history of Quito airport.

Throughout these 23 days, the entire logistics chain within the Mariscal Sucre airport demonstrated once again that it is prepared to manage large volumes of export cargo.

The expansion of the export cargo terminal, which grew by 2,880 square meters in the cargo entry and processing areas, as well as the growth of the maneuvering area for trucks, was one of the factors that allowed more efficient air cargo.

“I want to thank all the airlines that operated on this Valentine’s Day 2024, as well as the ramp service companies that provide all ground assistance to the operation for their commitment to the development of the country and for their great professionalism and, especially, to the companies specialized in cargo palletizing that operate at the Quito airport: Novacargo, Servipallet, Pertraly and Novasan, which invested in the expansion of the cargo terminal to offer greater logistical and operational ease,” said Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Quiport.

“The Mariscal Sucre is one of the most powerful development poles that the city and the country has. It is the main air cargo airport in Ecuador and one of the most important in Latin America, which allows Quito to have access by air to key markets around the world, that is the vision with which we are working at CorporaciónQuiport”, concluded Ramón Miró.