19 Jan 2024

A busy cargo season begins for Valentine’s Day at the Quito airport

• Valentine’s Day is the highest cargo season at the Quito airport.

• The maneuvering area in the cargo apron as well as the palletizing area for cargo processing iwere expanded to provide a more efficient service.

• 92% of cargo transported from Quito airport is flowers.

Today the Valentine’s Day cargo season begins at the Quito airport, which will last until February 11, 2024. This period represents the most important phase of cargo operations at Quito Airport. To guarantee efficient service, significant improvements to thefacilities have been made.

Starting this season, the logistics process at the airport will be significantly optimized. Thanks to a strategic investment between companies specialized in cargo palletizing that operate at the Quito airport which include Novacargo, Servipallet, Pertraly and Novasan, the maneuvering area in the cargo apron and the processing area in the palletizers have been expanded. The expansion, which has added 2,880 square meters to the facilities, will enable much more efficient and comfortable cargo reception and processing.

With an extensive and cutting-edge infrastructure, and the operation of more than 15 cargo airlines, with flights between regular and charter, this year a growth in exported tonnage is expected for the Valentine’s season compared to the previous year, thanks to the increase in capacity offered by cargo airlines at the Quito airport.

“We maintain our commitment to the development of the air cargo industry in Ecuador. The expansions carried out and the strategic collaboration with palletizing companies are testimony of our dedication to facilitate airport cargo services in Mariscal Sucre. We are excited by the projected growth and we are confident that our airport will continue to play a fundamental role in this area,” said Ramón Miró, president and CEO ofQuiport.

At the international cargo terminal, four palletizing companies work, in charge of assembling the pallets of flower boxes according to the specifications of the aircraft in which they will be transported. These pallets are stored in cold rooms until they must be shipped to their destinations. In addition, the Mariscal Sucre airport has a logistics center where several cargo agencies carry out the consolidation processes of flowers from various producing farms.