01 Dec 2023

Great news for little travelers! Quito Airport reopens the children’s area.

The children’s area, located next to domestic pre-boarding area at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport passenger terminal, reopens its doors for the litter travelers, now with a renewed image after its closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aware of the importance to provide a safe and fun space for children, CorporaciónQuiport, the company in charge of managing the Quito airport, has decided to renew this area. The new design aims to create a magical and educational environment, inspired by the biodiversity and nature of Ecuador, without neglecting the security that this type of spaces must always maintain.

The children’s area has been carefully designed to offer little travelers the opportunity to explore and connect in a playful and sensory way with the natural environment. Various elements and textures that stimulate touch have been incorporated, imagination and learning. In addition, pieces-counting games that promote the development of mathematical skills have been installed, as well as climbing structures, tunnels and slides to encourage physical activity, contributing to the comprehensive development of children.

One of the novelties in this design is the inclusion of a small quiet space with dim lighting, designed especially for those children who prefer to enjoy a more relaxed and independent environment. It is a hut with comfortable seats, a space that offers moments of tranquility and rest within the play area.

The reopening and remodeling of this area for children demonstrates Quiport’scommitment to provide a complete and satisfactory travel experience for all passengers, including the little ones. Now, children will be able to enjoy a safe, fun and educational space while waiting for their flight, creating unforgettable memories from the beginning of their trip.