16 Dec 2016


  • This airline is one of the major cargo operators in the world.
  • The purpose of the flight is to check its operation before commencing regular services in early 2017.

Quito, December 14, 2016: For the first time, Qatar Cargo arrived this morning at 11:15 at the Quito International Airport from Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a charter flight with the objective of checking the airline’s operation before commencing regular services in late January 2017 when the Valentine flower export season begins.

The Quito airport expanded its cargo platform at the beginning of this year to allocate the growing number of large cargo aircraft (E and F categories). The platform can receive up to six aircraft at the same time. Besides, the cargo platform has new LED lighting, much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, highlighted the importance of this flight. “Qatar Cargo’s operations will allow to expand the traditional markets for Ecuadorian flower exports and to explore new business opportunities in that sector”, he said.

“Not only is the Quito airport the main entrance for visitors in Ecuador but, it is also the main point of export of Ecuadorian flowers to the world. This is a significant contribution towards productive development. We are located just a few kilometers from the major flower production centers in the central and northern highlands and we have all the infrastructure and logistic capacity for a highly efficient operation that guarantees the arrival of the product to its destination in the best possible conditions.”, Mr. O’Brian stated. He who also thanked Qatar Cargo for its confidence in Corporación Quiport as concessionaire of the Quito International Airport.

Qatar Cargo is the cargo division of Qatar Airways, one of the main and largest airlines in the world with headquarters at the Doha International Airport.

The flight operates with a Boeing 777-200F airplane and will fly from Quito to Curacao in the Caribbean before returning to Qatar.

About Corporación Quiport

Corporación Quiport (Quiport) is the company in charge of the construction, administration, operation and maintenance of the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador. Quiport is formed by important companies with vast experience in the concession and operation of airports: CCR from Brazil, Odinsa S.A. from Colombia and HAS Development Corporation (HAS-DC) from the USA.