22 Dec 2016


  • More than 800 people participated.
  • Quiport has been working in coordination with parishes near the airport in training and employment projects mainly.

December 10, 2016. On Saturday, December, 10, the communities surrounding the Mariscal Sucre Airport participated with Corporacion Quiport in a Christmas celebration organized for purposes of thanking the communities for their excellent acceptance to the Airport and for allowing us to share with them our efforts to accomplish the wellbeing and development of the population.

Nearly 800 persons attended Quiport’s invitation. However, children from Tababela, Pifo Puembo, Yaruqui, Checa and el Quinche – the six parishes near the Airport – were the principal guests of honor who enjoyed a day of games, music and lots of fun.

The community works hand-in-hand with Quiport

Angel Vega, chairman of the Pifo Autonomous Decentralized Government (“GAD”), expressed his deep appreciation for the magnificent and altruistic work performed at La Cocha and El Tablon and for having made possible for the children from the periphery of our jurisdiction to visit the Airport and to receive friendly treatment of Quiport officials.

In the meantime, Gina Rosero, chairperson of Puembo’s GAD, mentioned her “sincere gratitude to our neighbor Quiport for the enjoyable times with its President and its working team. This is the moment to plan an agenda of social, cultural and economic activities involving the citizens living in the Airport area so we may continue building a sustainable and supportable territory.”

The Airport has provided opportunities for developing and improving the quality of life of the peoples living in the six neighboring parishes. The Airport and the companies operating in it directly employ approximately 7,500 persons, about 30% of whom are residents in those parishes. Besides, those populations have benefitted from the new road network built to serve the Airport as well as from entrepreneurial opportunities in service activities (lodging, transportation and food mainly) that have proliferated in the area.

From the beginning of its presence in the area, Quiport has permanently worked with the communities and their leaders to identify areas of mutual cooperation. Thus, efforts have been concentrated on two main areas: work opportunities, and education and training.

All this work is reflected on a great relationship with the community as evidenced in its ample participation in the festivities.

On Corporacion Quiport S.A.

Corporacion Quiport is in charge of the integral management of the Mariscal Sucre International Airport of Quito, Ecuador, located at Tababela, 24 kilometers from the country’s capital.

Quiport comprises important companies with vast experience in airport concessions and operation: CCR of Brazil, Odinsa S.A. of Colombia, and HAS Development Corporation (HAS-DC) of the United States.