30 Nov 2023

Nuestra Huerta, Quiport’s shared value project, celebrates ten years of continuous growth.

Nuestra Huerta, the emblematic shared value program that Corporación Quiport develops together with the communities neighboring the Mariscal Sucre International Airport, celebrated ten years since it began in November 2013. Nuestra Huerta integrates small agricultural producers from the area surrounding the operation airport in a community marketing chain in which airport collaborators and users participate, consuming local production.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the project, Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Quiport, explained the driving philosophy behind this project and all the management of sustainability in the company: “we seek to be faithful to our purpose, we do it good because we value life. We value the life and quality of life of the people who live in the communities, who can improve their income and progress. But we also value the lives of our collaborators and visitors, who consume natural and healthy products in Nuestra Huerta.”

80 community producers and their families participate in Nuestra Huerta and it has a positive impact on their economy, since their income has improved significantly. 400 airport employees regularly purchase products from this entrepreneurship – seasonal fruits, bakery products, honey, eggs and ready-to-eat products-.

Sustainability involves the notion of allowing orderly development that benefits everyone and benefits our activity; that is the spirit with which this shared value project was born around the Quito airport.

Designed as an entrepreneurial project derived from the Quiport Social Management Plan; With the technical support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Nuestra Huerta evolved into a shared value scheme, that is, as a strategy that analyzes the social environment in which an organization operates, to renew its processes and generate profits impacting positively to communities at the same time.

The first stage of Nuestra Huerta was focused on training plans for the residents of the area, along with the consolidation of the internal market at the airport; Once the potential was developed, these products began to be marketed among the employees who are part of the companies that operate at the airport, thus creating a productive chain.

In 2017 Nuestra Huerta opened its physical store at the Quito airport, next to the Quiport offices, starting a new stage of the project. With the project already consolidated, Nuestra Huerta producers formed the community company Productora Agrícola Alpachaca Muyuverde CIA. Ltda. which allows them to manage the store located inside the airport.

In this way, Nuestra Huerta’s customer base went from airport collaborators to passengers, users and visitors. This growth in the customer base also allowed us to expand the product offering, from fruits, vegetables and bakery products, to also offering products for immediate consumption such as chopped fruit, yogurt with granola, healthy snacks, empanadas, bolas de verde, mote con chicharrón and many more, all coming from the airport’s area of ​​influence.

An important milestone was the participation of teachers and students from the Agronomy Engineering program at the San Francisco University of Quito, who carried out very important training and advisory work with the producers of Nuestra Huerta on topics such as the management of farming techniques. cultivation, improvement of disease and pest control, and development of new varieties.

The celebration of the tenth anniversary of Nuestra Huerta, held in the International VIP Lounge at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport, was a great opportunity to share more details of the project with organizations, people and media that work on sustainability issues.