02 Oct 2023

Corporación Quiport is recognized as Socially Responsible Company 

The Ecuadorian Corporation for Social Responsibility & Sustainability (CERES), recognized as the most important network of committed organizations that promote social responsibility and sustainability in Ecuador, awarded Corporación Quiport the ESR Distinction (Socially Responsible Enterprise) for its outstanding commitment to social responsibility business and sustainable development in Ecuador. Quiport is part of a 55-companies group that received the distinction in a ceremony held on September 28.

To obtain the ESR distinction, Corporación Quiport passed a rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation process in various areas that included the management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), business ethics, quality of life in the company, links with the community and preservation of the environment. In addition, Quiport’s focus on an economic, social and environmental vision within its policies and programs was recognized, beyond legal obligations, to meet the expectations of its interest groups.

“Being part of this select group of 55 companies recognized as socially responsible in Ecuador is a significant achievement for Corporación Quiport, and an impulse to continue strengthening our business practices aimed at generating a positive social impact, minimizing our environmental impact and maintaining high standards of quality,transparency and good governance,” commented Ramón Miró, president and general director of Corporación Quiport.

The ESR Distinction is an initiative of the CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) that has been awarded in Mexico for more than 20 years and in collaboration with CERES, has been awarded for the third consecutive year in Ecuador. This is the first time that Corporación Quiport participates in this dynamic of self-knowledge and institutional improvement.