30 Sep 2016


  • The shop has relocated to an area just after the immigration counters and incorporates a walkthrough concept.
  • The relocation is part of a project to improve the passenger terminal.

Quito, 14 March 2016. As of this Monday morning, the Attenza Duty Free Shop in the international arrivals section of Mariscal Sucre Airport has a new, much more modern and accessible look as well as a new location for the comfort of passengers arriving to the country at the capital’s airport terminal.

The remodelling of the shop, now measuring 250m2, and its relocation to an area just after the immigration counters, includes a walkthrough concept allowing passengers arriving at Quito to enjoy premium brands, excellent prices and a wide selection of products offered by Attenza Duty Free.

“The relocation of the Attenza Shop is part of a project to improve the international arrivals area and seeks to provide a better experience for our passengers, providing more space prior to immigration clearance, a Duty Free shop with a modern concept and improved use of the baggage collection and customs areas”, explains Carlos Criado, Director of Business Development, Corporación Quiport, concessionaire of Quito International Airport.

According to Aurelio Barría, Vice President of Motta Internacional, operator of Attenza, the current and future trend across the globe is the democratization of air transport. “Now travel is not just limited to persons with high purchasing power. Today passengers include students, middle class tourists and even people migrating in search of better opportunities. This obliges airports to diversify their offering of services in regards to brands, quality, price and customer service culture. This is why the step taken at Quito Airport is important”.

For Corporación Quiport, Attenza is one of its most important partners. “It is a Duty Free operator with a lot of prestige in Latin America and broad experience which allows it to identify new opportunities to expand its commercial offering and provide an improved selection of products to the passengers at Mariscal Sucre Airport, with very competitive prices for the region”, states Carlos Criado.

Aurelio Barría notes that Attenza offers special services for the greater comfort of passengers, such as pre-ordering and online shopping. “With pre-ordering, passengers can purchase their products at the international departures shop and collect them from the arrivals shop on their return. Whereas with online shopping, passengers can reserve items online at the attenza.net website and receive their goods before flying”, he explains.

Attenza offers perfumes, cosmetics and skincare, liquors, watches, jewellery, leather goods, sunglasses, bags, chocolates, electronic goods, clothes and toys, as well as providing employment to more than 150 people in the country.