24 Apr 2024

Quiport and FONAG, join together in the conservation and protection of water sources

Replenishing water consumption through economic investment in actions that recover and maintain Quito’s water source ecosystems is a commitment celebrated today between Corporación Quiport and the Fund for the Protection of Water, FONAG.

This is the signing of an agreement that allows the execution of the Water Footprint Replacement project, in which Quiport allocates economic resources (USD 42 thousand) that complement the FONAG investment for the execution of conservation actions for water sources in the short and medium term in the wastelands water sources that supply the Quito airport.

What is the water footprint and why do we replace it?

The water footprint is a metric that indicates our direct or indirect consumption of fresh water. In the case of companies, it is used to measure the total volume of water they use in the production of goods or services.

In a first phase, companies must quantify and reduce their water consumption and in a second phase, replenish the remaining water footprint, through activities and projects according to the state of the water source ecosystems from which companies source their supplies.

How will we do it?

The agreement stipulates several actions that will result in the replacement of Quiport’sannual water footprint. In this sense, we highlight the following:

• Reduction of pressures on water source ecosystems: animal load, fires, waste pollution, among others.

• Environmental awareness.

• Involvement and articulation of different actors in conservation and maintenance activities of water source ecosystems.

• Execution of collective activities by Quiport staff such as cleaning and planting for the production of native plants.

• Provision of equipment for control and surveillance personnel.

Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Corporación Quiport, stated: “We are aware of the responsibility that private companies have to protect the ecosystems that are a source of water, in our particular case, the Andean moors located northeast of the city of Quito. The work carried out by FONAG in this area is key to ensuring the provision of water for large areas of the north of the Metropolitan District of Quito and we are pleased to fulfill our commitment by replacing the water footprint of Quiport and the Mariscal Sucre International Airport ”.

For his part, the technical secretary of FONAG, Bert de Bièvre, considers that strategic alliances with companies that supply Quito´s water source ecosystems are vital for their conservation. “All water users have co-responsibility in caring for the sources. Today Quiport joins this effort in a pioneering way, and thus – once again – we put into practice FONAG’s slogan: Together we take care of water sources!