1.- Scholarship Program

becarios 2021
Since 2007 this program benefits groups of students in a vulnerable situation or economically disadvantaged belonging to schools in the airport area of influence.

Thanks to this program, many children and teenagers who might not be able to continue studying have already completed their high school education and several of them have been able to continue university studies, even abroad.

Key facts:

  • 1200 scholarships delivered since 2007. 
  • The program began with 22 scholarship recipients, and since 2010 it benefits 63 children and teenagers per year.



  • Andrea Ortega is a scholarship recipient who after finishing high school, and with Quiport’s support, traveled to Costa Rica to study at Earth University where she completed agricultural engineering studies.


2.- Environmental Education Program

We work in environmental education at elementary and high schools in Tababela and Yaruqui close to the airport where topics such as environmental pollution, deforestation, recycling, diversity, implementation of organic farms and reforestation are taught.

Relevant data:

  • 7097 children and teenagers have participated in the environmental education program.