The Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador, in coordination with Corporación Quiport, as part of the National Government’s “9/100 vaccination plan” is carrying out the immunization process of the airport community at the facilities of the Quito International Airport from July 7 to July 19, approximately.


Close to 5,000 workers from the different companies and organizations that provide service at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito will be vaccinated during the 12 days that the immunization process will last, serving an average of 52 people per hour and reaching more than 400 people daily.

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Corporación Quiport is in charge of the logistics at the vaccination site, this is to provide the necessary chairs and tables, plan and organize the vaccination flow, provide the necessary syringes, assign data entry operators to expedite the process and provide food for the staff of vaccinators. The place assigned for this purpose are spaces granted free of charge by the administration of the Quito Airport Center and the process has the additional support of MeraMexAir, the company in charge of the restaurants within the air terminal, and Aronem, a cargo palletizing company.

Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Quiport commented, “the vaccination process is essential to combat and eventually defeat the coronavirus. This is why Quiport has offered all its collaboration to the Ministry of Public Health to inoculate the airport community of Quito, since the airport is a strategic sector and an infrastructure that has not stopped during the health crisis. We frankly thank the National Government and the Ministry of Public Health for assigning the human and biological contingent for this important process. We are also very grateful for the great support evidenced, not only within Quiport, but also from Quito Airport Center, MeraMexAir and from all those who have contributed in this regard. This has been a great exercise in solidarity and we are proud and happy to be able to be part of this great effort."

Personnel from the Ministry of Public Health and Corporación Quiport have consolidated, during the last three weeks with the more than 100 private companies, organizations and public institutions that work at the airport, the lists of airport workers who will be vaccinated. It is important to note that the Mariscal Sucre International Airport and its staff have remained operational throughout the health crisis, serving repatriation and cargo flights and, as of June 1, 2020, the return of commercial flights.

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The data entry operators in charge of keeping the vaccination record were selected and hired by Quiport from the neighboring communities of the airport, since for the city’s airport service concessionaire it is important to include the inhabitants of the neighboring parishes and care for their interests. As such, due to the efforts of Corporación Quiport, the ‘2 de enero’ association of baggage handlers has been included in this vaccination plan, as well as the agricultural producers of the Nuestra Huerta organization, the company's shared value program.