• The government will allow mobility to and from airports for people carrying air tickets.
  • Quiport recommends that passengers stay informed about the status of their flights.


Operations at Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport will remain open during weekends and mobility restriction hours for the duration of the State of Exception decreed by the National Government. Among other things, the decree indicates that vehicular circulation to and from airports is allowed.

“The following people and activities are exempted from this (mobility) restriction:

21) In those cases that require mobilization to and from airports, air tickets will serve as permits; "


As such, free mobility is guaranteed for travelers at the Quito International Airport. Corporación Quiport makes the following recommendations to passengers and airport users:

  • Contact your airline or inquire through the airport's social media accounts to find out the status of your flight in order to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Bring your airline tickets or boarding passes with you, printed (preferably) or digitally.
  • Travel to the airport well in advance to avoid delays in the event of possible traffic controls on the roads.


At the airport it is important to observe all the protocols and sanitary protection measures:

  • Mandatory use of a mask.
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer of at least 70%.
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.
  • Respect the capacity indicated in departure lounges, restaurants and shops.