Aeromexico resumed operations this Sunday in Quito with an offer of three weekly flights to Mexico City. To celebrate the return of the airline in Ecuador, the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito received the Mexican aircraft with the traditional arch of water.


Mexico is a tourist destination par excellence which has a variety of domestic destinations, from pre-Hispanic cities to internationally recognized beaches, such as Cancun, one of the most visited locales in the Mexican southeast; or Yucatan, with a gastronomy that mixes the ingredients of the ancient Mayans, with the flavors imported by the Spanish at the time of the Colony. Due to its traditions, culture and history, Mexico is among the top countries visited by international tourists.

During the contingency, Aeromexico transported to Ecuador more than 27 tons of essential medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the flights was operated with a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which for the first time flew to this destination.

Andrew O'Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, commented: “Aeromexico is one of our most important strategic partners and the first new airline to start operations at the then new Quito airport in December 2013. Therefore, it is very it is important for us to resume connectivity with Mexico City, a destination that has a significant demand and that will undoubtedly contribute to the economic recovery of the city and the country. We are very pleased to receive the airline again in Quito, now as the first Latin American airline to return to Ecuador."

Carla Cárdenas, General Manager of Quito Turismo, stated: “the reopening of flights and air operations in Quito opens the way for recovery and gives the opportunity to provide the best experience to the traveler on his visit to the Center of the World, with biosecurity protocols that will allow him to feel confidence and security upon arrival until their return to their country of origin”.

Finally, Giancarlo Mulinelli, Aeromexico Senior Vice President of Global Sales, commented: “We thank the authorities of Ecuador and the airport for their warm welcome. We will continue increasing our operations in Mexico and the world, taking care of our clients with the highest standards in the industry through our Health and Hygiene Management System”.

Aeromexico reaffirms its commitment to increase operations, resuming destinations and increasing frequencies gradually and safely. The airline estimates operating more than 7,400 flights during the month of August, thus increasing its operation by 20% compared to the previous month.