Corporación Quiport informs that the operations of the Quito International Airport have remained open during the previous days of strike and there have been no cancellations or deviations of flights as of Saturday, October 5 as a result of the protests underway in the city and country.


Corporación Quiport keeps a constant coordination with the Municipality of Quito, the National Government, the Metropolitan Public Company of Airport Services and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, as well as with all public and private entities that provide service and operate at the airport, in order to define the most appropriate actions to guarantee the continuity of all services at the Quito airport and protect the safety of passengers, users and employees, as well as airport facilities.


Many passengers are arriving at the airport up to 24 hours in advance of their flights in fear of the possibility of a new street closure. Corporación Quiport is serving them with snacks and hot and cold beverages and offers sleeping bags to those passengers who have decided to spend the night in the terminal so that their stay is more bearable.


Andrew O'Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, said that “in these difficult times that Quito and Ecuador are going through, Quiport and all the airport operators working tirelessly to ensure that the aerial gateway to the city remains open and fully operational, fulfilling the commitment assumed with the city and the country”.


We ask the citizens to inform themselves through the official channels about the state of the access roads to the airport, as well as with their airlines to know more details about the status of the flights. We request passengers on canceled flights not to commute to Quito airport and to communicate directly with their airline.