• Quito Airport’s latest commercial store, Quri, was opened in an intimate ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Quito International Airport has opened Quri, an experience store —a new concept in retailing that invites customers to explore and touch products with their own hands and submerge themselves in the experience—at international departures in the passenger terminal building.  


Quri, which means gold in Quechua, provides a local feel with its decoration and aesthetic, offering a sense of belonging that enhances the sense of warmth and familiarity at the terminal for all those who have traversed the streets of Quito and Ecuador’s landscapes.

 Quri inauguracion aeropuerto quito

Quri offers a varied selection of artisanal products with high-quality finishes including jewelry, clothes made with native Ecuadorian designs and materials, foods and premium products such as fine chocolates and a wide variety of coffees.


This new store increases the commercial offering by Travel Stores S.A., which also operates the Ecuador Travel Stores and The Legendary Hat Company at Quito Airport, presenting products with an artisanal and artistic sensibility.


The inauguration of the store was celebrated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by officials of Corporación Quiport and passengers. Afterwards, Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Quiport, said “I invite all of the international passengers here at Quito Airport to explore Quri, to enjoy its products and discover the Ecuadorian stories behind each detail.”

Quri inauguracion aeropuerto quito 2