• This project aims to offer passengers a gratifying experience, but also seeks to support local talent in all its forms of artistic expression.


The AerogaleríasUIO Project has had a great start with two exhibitions at the passenger terminal of Mariscal Sucre International Airport. This is an initiative by Corporación Quiport to bring together an assortment of artistic expression for the passengers and users who pass through the airport.


An exhibition called My place, your place: Ecuador is on display in departure lounge B1, showcasing photography by members and students of the Centro de la Imagen Arte y Fotografía in Quito. The photographs feature a collection of landscapes, details and portraits of Ecuador using a variety of techniques, creating an enriching experience for viewers.


In the domestic arrivals area, we present the work of Bakker, an Ecuadorian artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries in the USA, Europe and Ecuador.




Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Quiport, explains that this type of project is becoming more common in airports around the world. “Passengers expect the airport to offer quick services, comfort, an attractive commercial offering and a good food & beverage service. Since Mariscal Sucre Airport opened in 2013, at Corporación Quiport we have worked to ensure that the airport runs smoothly, and today our service standards are among the highest in the region and the world”.


Which is when, O’Brian continues, the challenge begins to find an extra factor that turns a positive experience into an unforgettable one thanks to unique, extraordinary or simply novel details.


This is precisely the aim of AerogaleríasUIO, a project conceived not just to improve the passenger experience but to support all forms of local artistic talent.