• Aeromexico, the Mexican flag carrier, increases its offer to 10 flights/week


As of April 13, Aeromexico operates a second flight with three new frequencies in the Quito – Mexico City route. This new operation will improve Quito’s connectivity not only with Mexican destinations but also with other points of commercial and tourist interest such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas and Miami, also reducing connection times with Canadian and Asian destinations.


Ecuador shares many close links with Mexico and, therefore, air connectivity is a key element to strengthen both countries’ commercial, productive and tourist sectors whereby the operation of new frequencies, furthermore, strengthening their development. The arrival at the Mariscal Sucre Airport of the first flight operating in one of the new frequencies will complete the planning and implementation process undertaken several months ago in order to make possible the increase of frequencies and, undoubtedly, will mark the beginning of new opportunities for both countries.

 aeromexico 002


This new milestone is part of Quiport’s permanent commitment to offer its users more alternatives to satisfy their demands. The company, in unison with Aeromexico, the Municipality of Quito and the central government through its Tourism and Transport Ministries, has used every effort so that Quito and Mexico will be much closer to each other.


According to Andrew O’Brian, President of Corporación Quiport, “the experience of working with Aeromexico has been the best. It is a responsible and trustworthy airline with which we share our objectives of constant growth and innovation. We are very pleased with their decision to increase operations in Quito and we wish Aeromexico every success in the new frequencies.”


“With this further increase we will strengthen our presence in the market, as it will allow us to increase by 43% the offer of seats, thereby reflecting our efforts to provide the best product to our customers. In 2017 Aeromexico carried 20% more passengers than in 2016”, Arik De, Aeromexico’s Assistant Director for Strategy and Planning, emphasized.


The Quito airport operated by Quiport is a regional leader in airport services. From the beginning of its operations it committed its efforts to constantly improve its services and upgrade the quality of transportation in this country in keeping with global changes. More than 30 recognitions from the industry endorse our commitment that is upheld and strengthened by our looking for new service alternatives for its users.