Airlines at Quito International Airport are resuming normal operations today, after the indigenous protest was called off last night. The airport is open for business, and it has remained open during this challenging time.

  • Corporación Quiport joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation program in 2015, and now Mariscal Sucre Airport is the first international airport in Latin America and the Caribbean to reach carbon neutral status.

  • Spain’s principal airline increases the frequency of flights to improve connectivity between the two capital cities.
  • The Spanish airline bets on the Ecuadorian market; with this latest increase signifying a 16% increase in seats per year.

Corporación Quiport informs that the operations of the Quito International Airport have remained open during the previous days of strike and there have been no cancellations or deviations of flights as of Saturday, October 5 as a result of the protests underway in the city and country.

  • Quito International Airport is at the heart of the country’s aviation activity, thanks to the quality of its cargo and passenger operations and now as a professional training center.
  • A key aim of the training school is to provide quality training based on the highest standards of the aviation authority.


  • Quiport’s strategic work is reflected by its results.
  • Strategic goals are a priority in the day-to-day operations at Mariscal Sucre Airport.