In 2019 the Quito Airport received the Neutrality in the Airport Carbon Accreditation issued by the International Airports Council.
Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases resulting from any human activity.

Key facts:

  • 5,534 tons of CO2 were measured at the airport: 2014 base year. 
  • We are gradually replacing the lighting at the airport with LED lights. 
  • From the beginning of its operations the airport has implemented a policy for NOx (nitrogen oxide and other greenhouse gases) reduction.


Curious facts: 

  • The purpose of measuring the carbon footprint is to reach neutrality in the medium term. 
  • Airport operations have had no bearing on the quality of air in the area. 
  • One hundred percent of the lighting in the passenger terminal and curbside have been replaced with LED lights.


See certification of Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement

See Política de Sostenibilidad 03082017