We conduct yearly monitoring of flora (plants) and fauna (birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles) to learn about the condition of the natural species in the area (endemic and migratory).

Key facts:

Flora: Plants

  • 83 species, 77 genera and 30 families were recorded. These data are similar to those recorded in the dry forests of Ecuador’s central and southern regions.


Fauna: Birds

  • 80 species, 71 genera and 28 families of birds were recorded in the area of the plateau. They represent 14.76% of total species recorded in the Metropolitan District of Quito (542 species).
  • Most birds recorded at the airport show a high ability to adapt to changes in the ecosystem.


Fauna: Mammals

  • There are 13 species of mammals representing 3% of the mammal fauna in all Ecuador (414 species).
  • Four rodent species have been recorded.


Fauna: Amphibians and reptiles

  • Four species of amphibians and reptiles have been recorded in Caraburo plateau to this date.